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1 Preface

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Information Behaviors of

Humanities and Social Science Researchers



by Holly and Natasha



** hot off the press:**

April 5, 2011 "Reinventing research? Information practices in the humanities:

The Research Information Network (UK) has completed a second series of case studies to provide a detailed analysis of how humanities’ researchers discover, use, create and manage their information resources."  





Table of Contents


1. Preface



To start you off, watch this video presentation by Rutgers English Professor Richard E. Miller at the Modern Languages Association conference (2008) where he describes his research and teaching techniques as part of the New Humanities Collaborative project(Part I, 7:12).





2. Who and what?


3. How? Humanities and social science researchers and their sources, channels, and information-seeking behaviors.


4. New Trend: Social Media   


5. The Role of the Librarian






6. The Future?: "The Academic Library Autopsy Report, 2050" (Topic for Discussion Question 2)





7. Annotated Bibliography



















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